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I have an RTU950 which I am using with an ethernet WAN and mobile as failover - I hope someone can help with the following.

Do I have to use load balancing?

In the WAN setting drop-down list am I selecting for the device to run in 'either' WAN failover OR load balancing. Or am I simply switching between the configurations of each option?

Ultimately I am trying to achieve running the unit only on ethernet WAN and failing over to mobile if it fails. Or maybe to have this I need to have at least some load balancing?

Thank you

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by anonymous


Using failover protocol alone will meet your needs. 

Load Balancing simply lets you create rules to divide traffic ratio between different interfaces.

Network load balancing policies configuration.PNG

As you can see from the image above, the configuration is very simple. You can assign ratio values to WAN interfaces. The ratio values represent a percentage of load that will go through an interface. For example, in the default configuration 3 parts of traffic will go through the Mobile interface and 2 parts will go through the Wired interface, which means roughly 60% (3/5) of data will be transferred through Mobile, 40% (2/5) through Wired. If the ratios would be different, say Mobile: 5, Wired: 10, then 33% (5/15) of data would be transferred through Mobile, and 66% (10/15) would go through Wired.

Thanks for the reply.

I'm still not clear if I can (or need to) switch load balancing off - or just maybe delete the policy?

I'm also slightly unsure on how the balancing works.

For example, if I had a 300mb wired LAN and a 300mb Mobile LAN and I set them to 5/5 do I get a total of (150mb + 150mb) 300mb?

And then if I set them to 1/1 do I get a total 600mb?

In my current set up of a wired and mobile WAN I have tested setting them to 1/9 then 9/1 with little difference achieved from a speed test. If I pull the wired WAN it failsover to mobile and then the speedtest results are as expected.