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Hi. I am no expert but am struggling with what I thought was the most basic set up.

My aim is to have the wired WAN as the main internet connection and failover to mobile WAN.

I have connected the WAN port to my home broadband router which is giving out IP address in the usual DHCP way. 

I have also installed a 3g sim - which works perfectly. I want the primary WAN to be wired and then failover to mobile but for some reason the wired WAN just does not work through the the unit. Only the mobile WAN is operating and so it immediatley fails over to the mobile WAN which works fine but not what I want.

The unit is working as a DHCP server (maybe this is the issue) as I can plug other devices in which are then given an IP address.

I've reset the box so it's almost in its default mode other than I switched to failover rather than load balancing - as I have now worked out these are two different set ups. 

I currently have the WAN (wired) protocol  as DHCP

Any help please! I need some sleep soon.... 

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Looks like your Wired WAN IP and router LAN IP are in the same subnet

Try changing router LAN IP to different subnet like

Maybe that will do the trick.
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Not my post but this helped me.  Many thanks.