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by anonymous

We have a RUT955 running FW 6.6.1 and in this version the failover mechanism works (it didn't in 6.5.1). Our Wired WAN is the Main WAN and our Mobile WAN is the failover WAN. When we disconnect the Wired WAN, the Mobile WAN kicks in. When we reconnect the Wired WAN, the Wired WAN takes over. So far so good.

We also have 2 IPSEC tunnels, only 1 is active at a time (depending on which WAN is active). The IPSEC tunnel that's active when the Wired WAN works fine. We can access the RUT955 on its LAN and the camera connected to the LAN (we had to enable RelayD on the LAN interface of the RUT955 for this to work).

The issue is with the second IPSEC when the failover has kicked in and the Mobile WAN is the main WAN. I manually switch between the IPSEC (enable the correct one, disable the other one and save). The IPSEC tunnel comes online and I can access the RUT955 LAN interface again, however I can't access the camera connected to the LAN. I am 100% sure the IPSEC works, as I can access the camera on the LAN when Mobile WAN is the only active WAN and failover is disabled.

Any suggestions on what could be the issue? Is it another small checkbox I need to enable?

Kind regards

by anonymous
Update: I did some further digging. If I remove the first IPSEC (the one Wired WAN uses) and just leave the IPSEC for Mobile WAN, it still won't let me to connect to the camera on the LAN of the RUT955. So it's as if I can't get access to the LAN devices when on failover?

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by anonymous

Hi Igor,

Thanks for your reply.

It aren't public IP addresses. These are addresses in a private network range. That is why we have 2 IPSEC, because the wired and mobile addresses are on different networks and the IPSEC terminate on different firewalls. I can't change this setup.

Kind regards
by anonymous

Does your mobile interface have a static ip address?

Please describe your topology in more detail.

Best regards.