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As the topic says, are there any plans to upgrade to latest OpenWRT or at least to a newer kernel?

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The OS used by Teltonika's networking products is not OpenWRT, but rather a heavily modified version of OpenWRT called RutOS.

It is designed to support the various services and functions of Teltonika routers so at the moment there aren't any plans of upgrading. When updates do come in the future, it will be noted in the FW changelog.

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by anonymous
RutOS is currently running the 3.18 LTS kernel, which ended its LTS life in January of 2017. Even the 3.18.84 version in RutOS is from Nov of 2017. This means that the kernel is 18+ months out of date (security patches and all). While I appreciate that things like openssl seem to be fairly up to date in RutOS (1.0.2r), moving to the new 4.9 or 4.14 LTS kernel would be a huge win, and would come with significant security and performance improvements.

RutOS seems to be based on OpenWRT from some mix of late 2013 through 2014-09-13. Those of us doing customization on top of RutOS would greatly appreciate a refresh.