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I need  help about a configuration on my rut230..

I have two device:

Device 1 : Siemens s7-1200    IP:

Device 2 TELTONIKA RUT230  IP:

I want to get all routes to Device 1 (witch ping).

Can you help me?

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Q: I want to get all routes to Device 1 (witch ping).

A: I would like to help you, but your question is not clear to me. Please comment more broadly on what result you want to achieve.

From the info I got, my recommendation for you is to try DMZ (Network -> Firewall -> General Settings -> DMZ). Enable it and set IP address of Siemens device: DMZ will forward all ports from WAN ( to Make sure that your Device1:Siemens has correct gateway, it should be


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I have a LAN with 192.168.6.x address I need to change the SIEMENS CPU address from to The CPU has a WEB Server (and SIEMENS 102 ports).

I want to redirect all ports to the CPU