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Hello, I have to read ICCID without using SSH. I hoped that SNMP was able to provide, but not (on RUT955xx).

1) Is ICCID going to be added on MIB SNMP in the future or not?

2) I took a look: for Cumulocity and TR-069. I do not know if it is possible to use it for my purpose somehow. Can you advice me if I am able to read ICCID from my routher without connection to public network?

Thank you

1 Answer

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by anonymous

Please tell me more about what you are trying to achieve. You mentioned that you don't want to connect the device to WAN, but then you mentioned Cumulocity and TR-069 which works via WAN.
I try to find other way how to get ICCID. The best would be via SNMP.
I have just taken a quick look for (How to get the ICCID without WAN & SSH). I saw that the Cumulocity has a box where a server address is possible to fill-in. ( An idea came to my mind. What if I would put address of my device and then somehow sniff the data.) Is it possible for example? I do not think so but, maybe yes.

Goal is to get ICCID someow. Not via SSH and without possibility to connect to WAN.

Thank you
by anonymous
What about JSON-RPC, would it work for your?

You can find more information here:
Thank you very much it's working. It is one more way how to get it.

And now one new challenge. Is possible to restrict authorization and use this as read only, for example? For safety reason. Is the router possible to set up like this?

Thank you.
by anonymous
It is not possible to do so. Although you can contact Teltonika's sales representative and organize a new feature development to achieve the goal you are seeking for.
by anonymous
Can someone create a new entry like the following in the MIB file ? 
    SYNTAX      DisplayString (SIZE (0..255))
    MAX-ACCESS  read-only
    STATUS      current
            "ICCID "
    ::= { gsm XX }

and then link it to the corresponding oid with some ssh/cli commands ?