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I've setup my RUT240 with an external wifi source as the WAN. I've disabled the RUT240's own access point. I'm using the latest firmware (RUT2XX_R_00.01.12).

However on the overview page, under Wireless both the channel and frequency are shown as undefined:

Mode 1 - STA; undefined CH (undefined GHz)

The only wireless settings I've changed is to set the country code to GB. I've rebooted the router and no difference.

I'd appreciate any thoughts on this.



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Hello Matt,

Usually while RUT240 connects to another Wi-Fi AP you get displayed channel information as well.  

Does the device have internet access and only misses Channel information or there's no internet access as well?

Could you provide troubleshoot from your device and PM it to me so I could review your RUT240 configuration and logs?
Thanks, I've sent you a PM.

It has internet access and seems to work as expected, other than the incorrect channel and frequency display. I did have it operating as a AP for a bit before the current setup, and if I recall is showed as "CH 1: undefined Ghz" - but going to the full wireless information page showed the (I assume) correct frequency. It only said undefined on the overview.

Now in station mode, I don't see a similar section in wireless information to display this information - I think it only shows channel and frequency if an access point?  So all I have is the "undefined" data on the overview page.