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by anonymous

Hi all,

I want to configure TRB142 as a RS232 gateway for a remote location. I inserted SIM card to a modem and turned it on. 4G led and all signal quality led were lit. Modem connected to a network successfully. 

After connection parameters in configuration options were configured modem was restarted.
Configuration was:

  • Mode : NAT
  • Auth Mode: CHAP
  • Deny data roaming off
  • Mobile operator DNS ON

RS232 options were:

  • Serial type: Over IP
  • Mode: Server
  • TCP port: preferred port number
After restart 4G led and all signal quality led were not lit and modem status was: Disconnected. 
Modem is running firmware version: 

FW VER: TRB1420_R_00.01.05


2 Answers

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by anonymous

Please send me your gateway troubleshoot file for analysis. You can download it from System -> Administration -> Troubleshoot for analysis.

Also, can you tell more information about your mobile operator and settings needed to connect to network?
by anonymous

thank you for a fast response.
Here is a link to a GDrive with Troubleshoot file:

We are a company based in Croatia. Our mobile provider is HT (Hrvatski telekom).
These SIM cards are a part of a VPN and have a static IP address.
Modem is installed in a remote weather station which is pooled every 5 minutes to get the weather information data.
Every weather station has a unique static IP address and username as a identifier.

We bought 3 TRB142 modems with housing and all three have a same "disconnected" problem.

We previously used TRB142 without housing and we managed to get it working but it had a strange bug. If we selected PAP or CHAP and entered a password we couldn't connect. The solution was to select NONE and modem would somehow save the password and it would work. The problem is interface on a TRB142 with housing is somewhat different with a lot of additional options.

Best regards.
by anonymous


Looking at the troubleshoot file, I cannot notice anything what might be happening with your TRB142.

Have you tried to insert other SIM card, which work in standard network and do not requires authentication? Does this situation occurs again? Also, try to upgrade gateway to latest FW TRB1420_R_00.01.06.1version:

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by anonymous

do you have a proposal for the possible solution?

Best regards