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I purchased 20 RUT955 routers.

2 of them have the same problem : I cannot sent an SMS .

When I sent an SMS via sms management I receive : SMS limit was reached, or would be passed by sending multipart message. Cannot send message

What is also strange : There is no events log on both routers ...

I have upgraded the firmware to RUT9xx_R_00.06.06.1 but the problem is still there.

reset the router does not change anything either.

thank you for the info

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The SMS limit can be cleared in the Network -> Mobile -> SMS Limit WebUI page. However, I do not think that this issue occurs due to the SMS limit. With that in mind, I would suggest inserting a SIM card from working RUT955 to the faulty device and check whether the SMS messages can be sent. If the issue persists with a working SIM card inserted, please attach a troubleshoot file in the private message.