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Interested in getting the RUTX09 or RUTX11 and using it in bridge/passthrough mode with a Unifi Dream Machine (UDM).

Any recommendations for external LTE antennas?

Would like to pair the model with an external directional 4G LTE antenna. Both cell carriers and their towers I want to use this with are very close to each other, in the same direction, at a distance of 1300 and 1700 meters respectively with no elevation changes. The towers offer Bands 1, 8 and 20.

Is it possible to pair Teltonika gear with a MikroTik antenna? They have some high gain ones like the SXT R (10.5dBi, 60° beam width) and LHG R (21 dBi, 25° beam width):

Another option I came across is Poynting offering many different choices:

11 dBi

9 dBi

Alternatively, though lower gain (4 - 7 dBi), seems QuWireless makes some specifically for Teltonika.


by anonymous


XPOL-2 or XPOL-2-5G are definetly worth checking, especially if you have a line of sight. These antenna have been tested and proved by the market. You can check the specs from this link & or you can write email at Wishing you a nice day!

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Hi VP,

You can use any third party antenna with Teltonika devices if you wish, it just needs to meet some requirements. Check here please

by anonymous
Thanks, I saw that, I am looking for specific antennas others have used with good experience.

Particularly also interested if someone was able to get MikroTik antennas working, without needing their MikroTik router.