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by anonymous






After I upgrade to latest Firmware for my X11 the GPS device is not working any more.

gpsctl -d Fail to find gpsd ubus object

I read about others with same problem and no FIX and I seen a fix that will install a very old firmware with alot of other bugs in.
I need latest firmware with a working GPS, is that too much to ask for as customer?

If there is 2 different X11's out on the market WHY do Teltonika allow the same firmware if it break some of the units?
You then need to have two different branches for the units!!!!

I am in urgent need to fix this, can I even trust Teltonika after this ? Breaking units after upgrading firmware?
Not sure what to do ?

Very unhappy :(

by anonymous
Seeing the same GPS issue on just bought RUTX11 with updated RUTX_R_00.02.01.1



So it is not only affecting old revisions but latest as well?

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by anonymous


Sorry to hear about the issue. I just tested GPS with FW version: RUTX_R_00.02.01.1 and it works well, which leads me to believe that this is not a FW issue. Here are a few possibilities and suggestions:

  • When you're testing GPS, make sure the antenna is not inside a building. Otherwise, a GPS fix may be very hard to obtain.
  • Please inspect your GPS antenna for damage, especially the cable. If the cable was damaged it can short circuit the GPS device. You can also test this by measuring the voltage on the GPS antenna connector. If it works, the measurement should be about 3 V. If it is damaged - 0 V. If that is the case, please follow the warranty procedure. The first step is filling out an RMA form.
  • You can send me a Troubleshoot file for analysis. It may provide some insight into what might be causing this. The Troubleshoot file can be downloaded from the System → Administration → Troubleshoot page. Before downloading the Troubleshoot file, make sure GPS is enabled, GPS antenna attached and placed outside. Then reboot the router and wait for about 5 minutes - this will give time for the router to obtain a signal and in case there's a bug, it will be easier to locate if the device is recently rebooted. Please send the file via private message.

I am not sure, however, what you mean by saying there are two branches of RUTX11. I can assure you, there is only one branch. HW versions are sometimes updated, but the same software works on all versions.

Best of luck and please inform me of what you find.

EDIT: the issue was caused by an upgrade from a considerably old FW to the latest version. A FW with a fix is provided in the comments.

Best answer
by anonymous


Thanks for your answer but I think you missed the part "gpsctl -d Fail to find gpsd ubus object"
There nothing to do with antennas,signal or anything, The Operating system cant even see the GPS device after the update.
The GPS device should still be listed under /dev/ but its not there!

Please try using: HARDWARE REVISION 0404



by anonymous
I'll try to find a device with HW rev. 0404.

Meanwhile, can you still send me the Troubleshoot?
by anonymous


Thanks again for the Troubleshoot. R&D has found the issue. It was a bug related to flashing the firmware from a considerably older version.

This FW should fix the issue. Please try it and let me know.

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by anonymous
Works great, both in WEB GUI and in CLI (where I mostly grab GPS data from)

Thanks for fast help!
by anonymous
No problem. Just glad it helped. Good luck!
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by anonymous
This firmware fix the GPS problem, use it until next release of firmware.
by anonymous
When can we expect the next Release firmware to include this fix?
by anonymous
This is not only a fix for GPS it includes other stuff as well. It's a later firmware (beta) then what you can get from the update page inside the router. I Used it for a long time now and it's stabile.
by anonymous
Can you please share the other fixes/changes in this beta firmware? I'd like to give it a try.
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Beta firmware works fine, the only issue I noticed with the beta firmware is that the 4g connection is slower than the previous version it can take up to some minutes(sometimes 5 minutes) to get a connection, this was not the case with the RUTX_R_00.02.01.1 version.

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I have brand new RUTX11 and just upgraded to firmware, and I have same problem with GPS.
by anonymous


The fix is not yet in the master FW branch. It will be in later FWs, but meanwhile you can install this firmware, which fixes the GPS issue, and then upgrade to the latest version for all its other benefits.

This will not be required with future FW versions. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Best of luck,


by anonymous

Downgrading to firmware RUTX_T_F0992_00.02.02.982_WEBUI.bin fixes GPS.
But as soon as I then upgrade to firmware (latest version) GPS breaks again.