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I am trying to use the RUTX11 in bridge mode with a Unifi Dream Machine, and want to figure out what Ubiquity PoE injector rating I should get.


I would like to connect RUTX11 LAN1 port to UDM, and use a Ubiquity PoE injector to power up the modem on the same ethernet cable. The UDM itself does not have PoE.

It's unclear which exact PoE adapter will work after reading https://wiki.teltonika-networks.com/view/RUTX11_Powering_Options#Passive_PoE

For example can I use this https://www.eurodk.com/en/products/ubiquiti-power-adapters/genuine-ubiquiti-poe-24

Here are all the options:


My goal is to have a single cable between UDM and RUTX11 and have that cable provide PoE to the modem.
I have already had 2 of my  RUTX11 units fail powering them up vis the POE port.

I used passive POE injectors, 12v 1a.

Is there a specific designed POE adapter for this product?  I need POE in the application I use.

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Main question is in PoE injector wiring.

In most cases Ubiquiti injectors use standard passive PoE wiring (like 802.3af) same as in all Teltonika devices that supports passive PoE. If Ubiquiti injector use standard wiring it will work.

But main drawback is that with passive PoE you will lose 1Gb/s link speed. 
Attaching simple network topology:



Hi - Thanks for your answer here - I'm also looking at using POE adapters from Ubiquiti. The product mentioned above (POE-24-24W) suggests that it is not gigabit ready and will fall back to 100 Mb/s speeds. also based on the chart here: https://dl.ubnt.com/datasheets/poe/PoE_Adapters_DS.pdf

However, I have a couple of the POE-48-24W-G models (48V +4,5 / -7,8) lying around from previous Ubiquiti purchases and they seem to suggest they are Gigabit ready (something to do with using center-tapped transformers to pick off/add the voltage bias but I'm no engineer so I'm not sure exactly how it works) 

The Teltonika documentation mentions specifically "10/100 mode B, DC on spares" but I'm not sure whether that excludes it enabling gigbit speeds even with a gigabit enabled PoE injector. 

this page: https://planetechusa.com/power-over-ethernet-poe-demystifying-mode-a-and-mode-b/ tries to explain Mode B with relation to gigabit  

I can't be sure whether that means Teltonika supports the configuration in the rightmost column as it isn't mentioned in the documented pinout table: https://wiki.teltonika-networks.com/view/RUTX08_Powering_Options#Passive_PoE

it's perhaps a moot point as I'm unlikely to get more that 100 Mb/s from the 4G signal at the moment, but as they add more LTE-A towers around my house the theoretical maximum throughput could put it above 100 MB/s. 

Many Thanks!


Hi, as an update to this: 

My RUTX09 just arrived and have hooked it up via the PoE injector I mentioned above

It's reporting gigabit link speeds: 


Sorry for late response.
You had valid point in comment before, I also tested with 1Gb/s passive PoE adapter (MikroTik)- same result, stable 1Gb/s link.
Thank you for pointing this out.


I also tested with 1Gb/s passive PoE adapter (MikroTik)- same result, stable 1Gb/s link.

Genuinely curious, as I would like to PoE power my RUTX11 from my UDM Pro.. did you just connect the RJ4 Microtik Passive PoE adapter, and leave the DC end dangling free (with nothing conected), and that worked out of the box? Was it this Microtik adapter?