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Is it possible to setup new RUTX11 with only iPhone or iPad and no Ethernet? Those are the only devices available... Will the modem automatically start a default WiFi network to connect to and then configure from?

If not, then would an iPad USB-C to Ethernet adapter work?

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Good day hope your doing well. 

Regarding your question yes you can configure the RUTX11 using Wifi with your iPad or iPhone device. 

First thing is you need to connect to the RUTX11 wifi it is also printed in the sticker of RUTX11 the SSID plus the Wifi password.
When you are successfully connected you need to open your web browser e.g Safari, Chrome, Opera and other web browser.
Then go to this is the Web UI of the RUTX11 where you can configure it. 
The default username is admin and the password is admin01.

Hope it helps

Thank you and keep safe.


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