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Hi I have two RutX10 and one Rut950

Goal is to have 

§1 Rutx10 : DHCP server WAN from glasfiber


  • Wifi 2G Name XXX
  • Wifi 5G Name YYY

Wifi clients:

  • wifi client pc #1
  • wifi client laptop #2
  • wifi client pc #3
  • CNC Machine #4

LAN cable clients:

  • Cable client #5 PC
  • 1 cashier terminal #6
  • 1 switch (going to WAN Rut950) #7

§2 Rutx10(2) DHCP from §1: WAN needs to be over wifi 5G Name YYY


range extender for §1

same name for 

  • Wifi 2G Name XXX
  • Wifi 5G Name YYY

LAN bridge from §1 Wifi 5g YYY:

 Switch #14:

  • cable client: local domain server with static IP #9
  • cable client pc #10
  • cable client pc #11
  • network printer #12
  • network printer #13 

§3 Rut950 is supposed to normaly be a relay from §1 from 

LAN to wifi Name RRR

BUT in case of WAN fail of §1 it should provide the whole network with MobileWAN

NOW current state:

§1 is up and running

  • both wifi are running
  • all clients have internet
  • local domain server works

§2 I tried to configure wwan dhcp client and relayd

but it doesnt work somehow

  1. I wonder if it takes all oft firewall setting/ port forwarding from §1 as well?
  2. How can I access §2 despite it becoming transparent
  3. What settings must be done before §2 becomes transparent?

§3 How do I configure RUT950 best way:

  1. internet over ethernet from §1 but still relaying samte Essid as §1 (wifi name XXX instead of entire new wifi with RRR)
  2. WAN failover if §1 loses internet though §3 mobileWan for the entire network?

I really hope somebody can make sense of what I am trying to do. 

Best regards 


1 Answer

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by anonymous
Hello, Daniel!

Is it possible for you to draw and send the topology of this network?

Best regards, Aliaksandr!
Hi Aliaksandr,

I will draw up the topology. Wasn't  there a function on the 950 to show a full topology?

Best regards Daniel
by anonymous

Hello, Daniel!

Yes, you could find it in WebUI -> Status -> Network -> Topology

Best regards, Aliaksandr!

Hi Aliaksandr!

The Rut950 topology just shows the network from its perspective. I sketched up the current status and the future status in addition. 

The second RutX10 would have and is supposed to have a DHCP relay and be a wifi relay.

My main two problems are:

1 : How to configure the second RutX10 as a DHCP relay and wifi range extender /relay. (not loosing access to the router webui (ip alias?)

2: How to configure the RUT950 as a wifi relay for the 2G network and having it as a mobile Wan backup for the main router (rutx10 #1)

Best regards,


by anonymous

Hello, Daniel!

I think I understood your desired configuration.

Firstly, I advise you to read two articles from our wiki page:

If after reading them you still have some questions - ask.

Concerning the second question: in case the connection is lost in RUTX10 and reconnecting to the WAN Failover RUT950 is in progress, what interface will the data transfer be through, wired or wireless?

Best regards, Aliaksandr!

Hi Aliaksandr!

Regarding the wan failover RUT950 it is wired into the RUTX10 at the moment. Having its own Wifi on the second floor. It would be desired for it to have the same 2G wifi as RutX10. Can I make it having the same credentials Essid etc as the main router not relayd or must it be a relay in that case? For example clients on the first floor connecting to the RUT950 on the second floor instead the better placed RUTX10?

Can the RUT950 WAN failover case sent internet back through the wire. Or should the RUTX10 connect to the wifi MAC from the RUT950 in that case (maybe without a good connection)?

Best Regards,

by anonymous

Hello, Daniel!

You can set the same parameters for different Wi-Fi networks. But they will exist as two different networks. Teltonika devices do not have Wi-Fi roaming capabilities.

Yes, when reconnecting, you can return the WAN back to the wired. More details at the link below:

Best regards, Aliaksandr!