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I want use RUT850 for tracking. Actual position should be send to my server. I enabled the GPS function and choosed on the http/https Server page a destination on my server. The router connect the server URL with IMEI and serial_number and send some NMEA-Messages and status information. But I have no idea where to manage what and when should be send?! In the NMEA-Section I can choose which messages should be forwarded, but these selections seem to have no effect on the "https" section. In the "AVL" Section I can choose/setup rules, but they also have no effect on the "https" section. I get every 6 seconds a querry from the router with 3-8 NMEA Messages and some $PTLTGSM and $PTLTIO Messages. How to control the sending interval?! I would like to change the interval to 60 or even 300 seconds and/or set rules like in "AVL" section.

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by anonymous

It is not possible to change any settings in the HTTPS server function. Although it might be possible for our RND team to create this feature for you. In order to proceed with this new custom software development, you will need to contact Teltonika's sales manager.


I also use the HTTP function for sending position data to my website :

This function is public and everybody can use this mapping site to show the position to from him authorized persons.

More information you will find (only in german language) here:

Now my question to the Teltonika-Team:

The checkboxes and timer settings at the nmea area does not affect the http function. The whole gps data arrive at the http server in max 10 seconds rate. It would be fine, when in one of the next firmware updates this is changed, so that i can recude the traffic to 5 or 10 minutes for each data record and that only the records sent out, where i set the checkbox.
For example only the GPRMC record every 10 minutes.

Thank you!

PS: A lot of my friends with RV-Vans use the RUT955 GPS and would be very happy if you realize this wish!