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by anonymous


Router: RUT23000XXXX
Firmware: RUT2XX_R_00.01.07.1

we have noticed strange situation where we lost connection for 12 hours with router.
At first I've suspected that is power issue but energy operator did not confirm any issue in station location.

During the communication gap I've tried to reboot via sms management but without success.

After 12h router obtained mobile connection again with information in logs:
> 23:03:55 - Mobile data connected, IP: X.X.X.X Orange PL
> 23:03:46 - Digital OC output off
> 23:03:27 - LAN plugged in / Wired WAN connection non optional

Which looks like regular boot sequence (there was autoreboot on - but there was nothing in logs that autoreboot did anything) but according to our energy operator there was no gaps in power delivery.
The same situation is for mobile operator - there is nothing in logs about disconnections from network and operator claimed that they did nothing.

Last suspicious things are SMS that were delivered to router. There are messages from our national warning system (ALERT RCB)  both in logs and in router storage but messages sent by me are not in logs.
There are saved in storage with proper timestamp (sending time) but there is nothing in logs.

Is it proper behavior? Does messages are stored with the sending timestamp not receiving?
Could router receive messages after connection gap and use sending timestamp in SMS Messages ?
Or router had connection with operatora, was able to receive messages but did not work properly?
(did not reboot via sms utility, did not allow to remote connection) 

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by anonymous


Could you please PM me a troubleshoot file of this device when issue reappears? (System -> Adminsitration -> Troubleshoot). Also strongly recommend using latest available firmware version for the RUT2 series device:

Also I see you have enalbled auto reboot so I recommend double checking the settings of  ping reboot feature. Recommend navigate to Services -> Auto Reboot -> Ping Reboot edit and select condition to reboot GSM modem and it should help, if it will not help, please provide troubleshoot file when issue persist.

by anonymous

Thank you for the provided troubleshoot file.
Can you please try and replicating this issue with the latest available firmware version:

As from troubleshoot file we see that device is connected to mobile operator, have received an IP address and has access to the internet, we need to get troubleshoot file when device fails to reconnect to mobile operator.

If you will be able to replicate this issue please provide a troubleshoot file when issue reappears.
by anonymous
That day I updated that router not to newest 1.11.3 but to 1.11.2 that is factory FW.

Since then I have not noticed any connection gaps.
Before that incident I have no gaps either in fv 1.07.1 so I hope that is one-time issue.

Best regards,
by anonymous
Hello Grzegorz,

Thank you for your feedback. If you have any issues let us know.
by anonymous
I've already did that with SNMP OID problem via mail.
Should I start new topic?
by anonymous
If you have issues with SNMP OID - yes, please start new topic.