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I have a RUT900 that keeps falling off the mobile network. It has good connection and can find the provider. But every 5 min, that connection loses and I have to re-enter and re-enable the pin code.

I've been having trouble now that it just connected for 2-5 seconds and then it jumps off again. Have used the setup wizard.

I'm running firmware RUT9XX_R_00.05.04.

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by anonymous

Hi Profox,

You are using a very old firmware, please update it HERE without keeping settings and let me know if issue persists.

Have used the latest, but I couldn't get the sim card activated at all.
by anonymous

I'd suggest to try another sim card on the device first to see how it goes and try the sim card you are having problem with on another device to see if it works as desired. More often than not, problem turns out to be the sim card/operator

Also, have you tried adding the mobile operator manually? Perhaps it might help.

Network->Mobile->Network Operators->Settings->Connection mode->Manual