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I need make a Wifi for guest with the Teltonka Hot spot, but the wifi signal will be form 2 Unifi AP.

In the AP I can see the "guest configuration/hotspot) and it is necessary define the IP of "hotspot login page"

Has anyone do it?

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Could you provide a scheme of the network topology you’re trying to achieve?

As for now it’s unclear how devices are connected together.

The AC UNIFI AP has "Guest Configuration" and it asks me for the "Local IP for Hotspot".

If I leave it blank the user is connected to the internet without Login.

If I write the IP the AP "try" connect with a Portal Login (the Mobil asks me for Login) but the Login Page from RUT doesn´t found.


When Wifi is OFF on RUT950 you won’t be able to reach

When Wifi is enabled, configure RUT950 Hotspot → Radius server → Enable and Remote access enable. In Hotspot general settings select Authentication mode: Internal Radius.

Then on Ubiquity AP you’ll need static route to reach subnet via

After this you’ll be able to reach IP, but how exactly it will behave needs some testing as I don’t have Ubiquity router on my hands.

RUT950 Hotspot is designed for RUT950 AP and not as external radius server for other manufacturer AP’s so if provided solution won’t work, I’d suggest for you to look into cloud based radius/captive portal providers such as:


Thanks a lot Martynas.

I will test

Best regards

Not..The Hot spot with External AP doesn´t work. I have tried a lot of options, and it is impossible for me.

I surrender :-(