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I'm experiencing disconnection issues with my RUT240 as per another question thread here in the community.

There is two SMA connectors for mobile signal. I'm using the original Mobile antenna on one of the SMA connectors (inside the plastic box where the RUT is located). On the other SMA connector I have connected an external antenna on short (1m) cable and magnetic foot (omnidirectional).

Can this have something to do with the disconnection issues I'm experiencing ?

Does the the two SMA connectors have some sort of priority ?

Since 36 hours I changed the band to LTE only and after some time of good service it went offline and is not seen since, not even after two periodic reboots. Operator reports everything nominal on my account and their network.

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The router has a mobile MAIN and AUX antenna connectors. MAIN antenna is used for transmit and receive, and AUX antennas are used for receive. Check how the antennas are connected. In your case, I recommend connecting an external antenna to the MAIN connector.

To identify which connector is MAIN and AUX please check this link

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