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Is it possible to add 6RD support to the RUTX products (I'm using a RUTX08)? My ISP offers IPv6 connectivity through 6RD and on OpenWRT, the 6RD package provides the necessary support. However, when I try to install 6RD through the CLI ('opkg install 6rd'), it fails on a kernel dependency.

I'm running  RUTX_R_00.02.01.1 which is listed as the most recent version.

Update: I've updated to a RUTX beta firmware that was referenced in the forum (RUTX_T_F0992_00.02.02.982); this firmware gives a similar dependency error when trying to install 6rd package with opkg.

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Hello, sorry for late response,

Sadly but even though theoretically it would be supported you will not be able to install with opkg. Full 6RD package addition and support is planed, but not in firmware that is comming out in few days, but in the next one, which does not have set release date.

It might work if you would compile firmware using SDK: https://wiki.teltonika-networks.com/view/Software_Development_Kit but still there is no guarantee for stable performance. Until it is fully implemented and tested.

Best regards,