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TRB141: TRB1411_R_00.01.06.1

Hi There 

The http post/get query strings do not seem to support decimal values - eg time=0.1 or time=1.5

We are currently designing an integrated service where we hope to deploy the TRB141. But if the TRB141 cannot support decimals we will need to build extra hardware to re-shape the pulse. 

Please it would be good to include this into a firware release. Is this possible?  An idea would be use another parameter units=ms where you coul dkeep time as an integer but it could interpret as milliseconds (default as seconds as is)

I am more than happy to discuss the use case and scale of our deployments.  

Kind regards


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Thank you for your inquiry in Teltonika forum and bringing this to our attention. I have forwarded all the details to RND team. I will contact you as soon as I get a response from them.


Currently the http post/get query string support only integers in seconds.

Although it might be possible for our RND team to create this feature for you. In order to proceed with this new custom software development, you will need to contact Teltonika's sales manager.