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WAN: DHCP-obtained public IP

VLAN defined, containing a web server.

Port forwarding set up from WAN to web server in VLAN, works as expected- web server is accessible from the internet.

Can connect from LAN to web server directly via its internal IP, e.g.

CANNOT connect from LAN to web server via my public IP, e.g.

When I first tried this, I unexpectedly hit the router’s own web UI. I since disabled the HTTPS web UI and rebooted the router, now it just times out.

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Please upgrade RUTX to latest firmware. You can download it from Teltonika wiki page:


When issue reappears, download “Troubleshoot file” from RUT device (menu System -> Administration -> Troubleshoot) and send it to me via private message.

I will see all the information about your product in the troubleshoot file, this will help me find the issue.