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I purchased the RUTX11 to provide a 4G failover as backup in case my wired internet line fails.

I am using an existing Router (Google Nest WiFi) that is currently setup to manage DHCP for my LAN. I have connected from the Google Router to the WAN port of the RUTX11. The Google Router has assigned it an IP address.

I would like the devices connected to the RUTX11 to get their IP addresses from the DHCP server on the Google Router. By default - the RUTX11 is acting as a second DHCP server, causing double-NAT. I tried to setup DHCP Relay but this always failed. I have looked through the wiki extensively and have not found a solution.

Can you please advice on how this should be configured?


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by anonymous

Hello good day,

Regarding your case you want to use DHCP relay on RUTX11 so that it will get the IP address from your Google WiFi. In this case you can do it by logging on the Web UI of RUTX11 on the Network > LAN > Edit LAN on the DHCP Settings instead of DHCP Server select DHCP Relay. Now input the DHCP Server address or your Google WiFi address then save the settings. You need to connect the Lan Cable on the LAN ports. LAN to LAN connection. In this case the RUTX11 will be transparent. So the RUTX11 cannot do failover function in this scenario because it will be not assigning it's own IP address and once the Google WiFi internet is powered off the DHCP function will not work then internet will be not available. But if the RUTX11 is having a different source of WAN example Mobile internet you can still get connected only that you need input your IP address manually because the RUTX11 DHCP function is not working. 

The config is like this: is the ip address of my other router.

Hope it helps
Stay Safe