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Hi to all, 

In according to wiki (https://wiki.teltonika-networks.com/view/Where_are_MAIN_and_AUX_LTE_antenna_connectors_on_RUT9XX_and_RUT240%3F)

We can determine the main and aux antenna position with product code. But the following product code: rut95xxTxxxxx is missing. How i can found the antenna position in router with that code?

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usually on the casing of the router is marked which is MAIN and where is the AUX antenna. In your case, the MAIN LTE antenna connector located near the SIM 2 slot.
Usually, yes, that would be the case and very reasonable but they are not. Both antennas are marked as "MOBILE" and manuals refer to both as "LTE". I have RUT950 devices from batch 117 (earlier this year) and also newer ones (batch 120) with slightly different colors on texts.

But thank you very much, I have been looking for that exact information!