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I want to get the router to mint condition by clearing all event logs.I have already tried factory reset and bootloader but those didnt work.I can still see the logs, i need your recommendations urgently.



elturko instructions bellow is correct, but could I ask why you need to remove this log from yours router?

Best regards,

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Hi Kumar,

One way to do it as follows;

1. SSH into your router 
2. Go to log folder using command: cd /log/
3. Run command: rm log.db
4. Run command: /etc/init.d/eventslog restart

Hope it helps!

This was really helpful. I have found that when logging in via UI on WAN, to view the logs - they must be so large the page often timeouts and consumes a lot of metered data. SO I used this SSH script to clear the logs and now they show quickly in the UI.

It would be really handy if the web UI could either download one page at a time or have an option to clear the logs periodically or even after each reboot.  



Those logs are like router operating history, and thus, not meant to be removed, so option like that most likely will not be added. They have dedicated portion of flash memory, and after it is reached, old entries are replaced buy new ones, to avoid it growing too big.

As for viewing it, could you specify via what section of WebUI are you watching/downloading them? Because if you are opening it through Status > Logs it does open them in page by page basis with number of entries, that you choose manually, displayed in each page.

Best regards,

For some days now the issue has reappeared.  Logging into the WEBUI or SSH either by WAN or LAN became impossible, although the router was passing port forwarding traffic. Perodic reboot occured but had no resolution,  Power cycling helped, but after a few hours the same thing was happening. The logs show successful authenication each time. But content timed out.

I turned all debug and tcp logging off and followed the above instructions to delete the logs. After 12 hours, access is responsive. The concluson is the router is being choked by logging; Can Can send you the backup/logs to investigate?  If we can't find a solutions  and if it occurs again I will beed to automate clearing the log files.   Can the above instructions be executed via JSON RPC?



in my case i have some log mess-up which i do not know how it did happen:

1063|2020-10-13 10:53:30|Mobile Data|Mobile data connected: Movistar
1064|2020-10-13 10:53:30|WiFi|WiFi client disconnected: 8C:25:36:81:BB:84  HUAWEI_P8
1065|2020-10-13 10:53:47|Network Operator|Connected to Movistar operator

1066|2020-06-09 18:30:42|Network Operator|Connected to Movistar operator
1067|2020-06-09 18:30:47|Network Type|Unknown
1068|2020-06-09 18:31:09|WiFi|WiFi client connected: 5C:03:19:DA:A3:E1  HUAWEI_X
1069|2020-06-09 18:31:33|Mobile Data|Mobile data connected: N/A
1070|2020-06-09 18:31:40|WiFi|WiFi client connected: AC:22:0B:1A:9D:EC  android-abc
1071|2020-06-09 18:31:56|Network Operator|Connected to Movistar operator
1072|2020-06-09 18:32:00|Network Type|Joined 3G WCDMA

1073|2020-10-13 11:17:55|Mobile Data|Mobile data disconnected
1074|2020-10-13 11:17:57|Network Type|Joined 3G WCDMA
1075|2020-10-13 11:18:17|Mobile Data|Mobile data connected: Movistar

See the entries from June in between the recent (October) entries... Therefore i'd like to clean the logs to have a clean start. This is in a RUT950 by the way.




These logs are not from October. There was router restart, and it had couple of failed attempts to connect to operator, so it had no internet connection, and no way to adjust its time according to NTP server, so what is displayed is last "saved time".

After connection was established router automatically adjusted to current date/time.

Even if you clean the logs this type event is bound to happen in the future, if RUT will fail to establish the connection to operator couple of times after reboot, so deleting logs will serve little, to no purpose, in the long run, but if you still want to do that, please follow instructions posted by elturko in the answer post.

Best regards,


Thanks @VidasKac

That makes sense, since the router was shipped shortly after 2020-06-09 and stayed packed over three months until end of September until it was installed.

But somehow the log entries numbering must have gone back to 0 also, since the router should have a RTC + backup battery: the invalid time entries are "sandwiched" between 10:53:47 and 11:17:55 on October 13th... and the router had many days running, why would the "last saved time" be still June??.




Unless you choose otherwise in NTP settings, "last saved time" will basically be manufacturing/programing time of a router.

Also Backup battery prevents router from shutting down if there is power shortage, it does not prevent it from power cycle if reboot happened for any reason, be it manual reboot, or some sort of Auto reboot, and after that if will revert to "last saved time" until it can be updated from NTP server.

Being between 10:53:47 and 11:17:55 and considering that it was trying to connect to the operator only for 2 minutes and after that it succeeded it would be logical to assume that for 20+ minutes it was powered off, but to make sure of that you would need to check rest of the Event logs, not only network.

Best regards,


opening it through Status > Logs it does open them in page by page basis

This is incorrect. The entries are merely displayed page by page, but are loaded all at once without paging even if there are thousands of entries and hundreds of kilobytes