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I'm asking this question again, because it is still an issue. When I put a SIM in slot 1 I can get it to connect, if I put the same SIM in slot 2 I can't. I've tried turning slot 1 off, and reordering them, but slot 2 never connects with the same SIM and details that work in slot 1.

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Hello Ollie,

Thanks for reaching out.

Please clarify - do you mean that you set SIM2 as a default SIM card, place SIM card to SIM2 slot, reboot and after power up router does not establish data connection?

I see you have this thread open (below). As i understand current (TAKE 2) is unrelated to it, as the previous thread talks about two SIM cards working simultaneously. Correct?


Let me know

Thanks for your answer.

Originally I was trying to get them both working simultaneously as I thought that was possible, but someone corrected me on that in that other question. I've just marked that as the best answer, so I assume that will "close" that issue.

What I'm now trying to do is work out how I can manually swap between the two SIMs as network conditions change. I've just tried the process you said including the reboot, and it has worked. Is the reboot necessary to manually swap between the two?

If you have SIM settings configured, SIM2 as default, and you insert a SIM card to the Default SIM slot - router shall detect it without the need for rebooting. It will take a little time to restart the module and then establish the connection.

As for SIM card swapping - did you check SIM Switch settings? 


You  can setup your criteria for switching between SIM1 and SIM2. Seems to me it's what you need here.

I have seen the switch settings, but what I want to be able to do is manually switch between the connections to see which one is quicker, because throughout the day load seems to vary and I get better speeds on one network or the other.


Currently device is able to switch between SIM cards on following events:

  • Weak signal
  • Data limit
  • Roaming
  • No network
  • Data connection fail
To perform SIM switch by comparing the DL/UL speeds of both SIM cards is impractical as it'd require to constantly perform speed tests for each SIM card which would drain your mobile data plan as single speed test can use up to 100MB of data.
If you know at what times which SIM card performs better, you can configure 2 profiles on your RUTX11, one where default SIM card is SIM1 and another where default is SIM2.
Then using profile scheduler, schedule which profile should be active during specific hours.