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I am dissconnected from the modem(RUT2400) as soon as am 7 metres away, i have to put in the password everytime i come close to it,i have checked with my internet provider about the signal and they are telling me everything is fine at there end and shoud work.

Cam i get some help setting this unit up please

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by anonymous


There are so much parameters that influence the distance of connection to the router.

First we need to know if that router is loacated near or inside a residential building. The more Wi-fi devices transmiting in that place the more interference your wifi will have.

Second, Maybe there is one high power Wifi Output like a Public Hotspot near. If that is the case, then there will be more interference to your hotspot.

Another important aspect. Is those 7 meters inside your house? If there are multiple walls between you and the hotspot, then the connection distance will be severely affected.

One thing that might help is to change the Wifi Channel to automatic in that dropdown box that appears in the followinfg link:

According to the discussed above, please let us know what is the situation of your router.