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I have created an Azure OpenVPN Server for Point-to-Site VPN connection. I have downloaded from Azure portal the OpenVPN settings file(*.ovpn). When uploading the configuration file the RUT240 shows "not available". I have uploaded the same configuration file to a competitor device and it works. I have uploaded the same file to OpenVPN client on Windows and it works as well. Are there any tricks about it? Has anyone experienced the same Azure connection type?

Thanks in advance for help.

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I have an assumption that this issue can occur due to access permissions set on the .ovpn file you are using. In order to verify this assumption, I would suggest removing existing file restrictions and the check whether the file can be uploaded to the router. To accomplish this task follow the steps below:

1. Copy .ovpn file to the router itself or any Unix based machine.
2. Remove file restrictions using the following command: chmod 777 /directory/file.ovpn
3. Try to upload the altered .ovpn file to the router.

.ovpn file can be copied from the Windows machine to the router using WinSCP application.
I'm having exactly the same issue. Tried the chmod trick also with same results. After upload it says not available for TUN/TAP, Protocol & Port.