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by anonymous
Upgraded modem firmware from WebUI to latest

However after the update, it kept the key WebUI settings but lost other info such as installed packages, e.g. sshtunnel and their config as well as all the custom root user home folder files/scripts I had there.

Why did it not preserve the extra bits and silently do this with no warning before update?
by anonymous
This is pretty maddening, it lost many things including all the pub/private ssh keys setup
by anonymous
Note that I had "Keep Settings" enabled for the upgrade.
by anonymous
The software upgrade also failed to upgrade the modem firmware to latest available, it's still stuck on prior EG06ELAR04A03M4G.

Trying to upgrade modem firmware from server, downloads fine, starts the install, but then boots back up with the same old firmware.

1 Answer

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by anonymous
Download the modem firmware from the server and don't update,
than execute the following command from the terminal:

/usr/sbin/quectelFlasher -f /tmp/modemfw/EG06ELAR04A03M4G/ -p /dev/ttyUSB0

I did on my RUTX11 with firmware RUTX_R_00.02.01.01.
by anonymous
Thanks! My RUTX11 is now on EG06ELAR04A03M4G.