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by anonymous
I am administering this RUTX11 from very far away, and on RMS saw a daily spike of almost 50GB, over 10x the usual daily rate.

Suggestion: RMS data usage traffic breakdown/stats, this would make paying for RMS more valuable and useful in such cases. I have daily periodic reports enabled and they are also useless towards this, they only show a total send/receive size. Could make them more powerful.

Unfortunately from RUTX itself there is no way to get a detailed breakdown of what device/app/server/IP/port was responsible for clues -- please consider adding it.

I then enabled the new traffic logging which unfortunately does not log in memory until a FTP is configured.

Suggestion: traffic logging memory logging even without a server FTP to dump on, just like the other event/system logs etc. Would prefer this data in RMS periodic reports instead of me running a FTP elsewhere.

Finally for the mobile interface set a daily limit of 8GB with a SMS warning message. The moment I saved I lost all access to the device -- I mean duh it seems to have locked me out because of the 50GB > 8GB, but really silently doing so without first warning that the limit is lower than expected? Also the limit should apply to LAN clients not the router itself, such that remote ssh/webui and rms should continue to work!

Suggestion: add warning if traffic limit will be higher than current usage, asking to explicitly reset limit if needed

Suggestion: allow limit only on clients instead of router itself for remote access lockout.

Suggestion: add a traffic summary page per client/per interval, particularly useful when already using static IPs.

Suggestion: improve the documentation for traffic logging to highlight an example of what is logged, it says nothing currently about what data will be logged and how it will look like:
by anonymous
Something is broken with RMS data usage charts, even though it says Sim 1 received 45GB, I don't see such usage when checking the carrier's realtime data usage, nor in RMS under View Update History, Parameter, Rx day bytes. These numbers look right, the usual few GB, so what is up with the chart on RMS website?

Even the iOS RMS app shows a few GB as usual, and don't see 45GB in the last day.
by anonymous
I second this. I was horrified to see a massive data usage increase in RMS (by something) and spent some time looking into it to find that the carrier didn't confirm this in their data usage logs.

But going back to the OP's suggestions, I agree with the suggestions. The RUT series is kind of let down with this logging as most people don't want to stand up an ftp server to get these logs. Furthermore, it seems it only does ftp rather than sftp and only offers the logging on the lan or hotspot ie no vlans. And this is just with Traffic logging. For something live, there isn't much either. I know we can use tcpdump but that doesn't show if a FW rule is blocking traffic, it merely shows traffic hitting the interface and also has to be done via the CLI rather than the GUI. The RUT series does offer a lot but for me, this is one area where it is severly lacking compared to other products and I do know we could switch to other products to overcome this but that would be a shame for such a promising product. So hopefully, it's on the to do list.

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by anonymous

We will add these suggestions to our nice-to-have feature list. It is not our top priority, but we will consider adding it to future FW releases. Thank you for the suggestion

Could you provide me RMS company name and RUTX11 serial number? Send it to me via private message. I like to examine RMS data usage charts issue for your device.

by anonymous
Sent you PM info. Thanks!
by anonymous

Fixes for sudden incorrect transfer of mobile data traffic from RUTX devices to RMS will be implemented in the next firmware master version.