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Hoping someone can help. I have two RUTX11's both on dynamic IP which leverage

I have both routers registering in dyndns correctly but trying to figure out which I should use to esstablish the a site to site VPN between them.

My first attempt was with IPSEC using FQDN identifiers ... however, I may be missing something very simple like how to "Connect" but I enable the connections. Then hit a stone wall... can't see any logging traffic for vpn and can't see how I can initiate the connection. Also a little confused on the "Right hand" "Left Hand" address ranges.

ANy suggestions on resources that actually show how to configure these routers?

I started looking at DMVPN but once more unsure how to initiate, view the connection state and see logging (not to mention unsure about the GRE setup for the Hub)   

This may be a conflicting issue, but also struggling to get it to forward L2TP to an internal Microsoft VPN server as a work around. I am natting/port forwarding TCP 1701,  UDP 500, 4500 (unsure how to do ESP 50 on the RUT)

From the above you would note partial knowledge ... enough to get ones self into trouble :-)

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by anonymous

Please visit Teltonika Wiki for information regarding the VPN configuration. There you should find answers to most of your questions.

VPN configuration manual:
VPN configuration examples:

Note that configuration examples were designed for RUT9xx series devices, however, the same configuration principle applies to the RUTX series as well.