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I need to connect a gps receiver to an Ntrip server to read the gps coordinate corrections
The RUT955 router has a complete Ntrip client, which can be used to connect to an Ntrip server, but the output is provided only as a physical signal to the rs232 port of the router itself

The gps receiver we use has two physical uart connected to pins tx1 / rx1 and tx2 / rx2 of an Rs232 / Ethernet module of this type USR-TCP232-E2

This module inside has, for each serial port, a tcp / udp client configurable in every detail

The question is: how to allow the passage of data from Ntrip server to port tx2 / rx2 of the Rs232 / Ethernet module?
Is it possible to use the tcp client of the rs232 / Ethernet module to read information arriving on the Rt955 Ntrip client?

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