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I forgot my password to Rut 240. What do I do?

I have written down what I thought was right but now I can´t enter the log in page anymore.

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Hi Veronika,

You simply need to restore the device. Please check here for your options. Let me know if you need more help.


Thank you for your answer.

I have restored the router, but I can´t access the log-in page for the router on my computer.

It is probably locked down because i have tried to log in too many times...
How can I get access to the log-in page again???

After the user exhausts the maximum number of attempts, his/her IP address will be blocked from making more attempts and added to the List Of Blocked Addresses. However the list should have been cleared when you reset the device. Are you sure you successfully managed to reset the device?

I would suggest to use another device, try it in other network rather than the computer you got locked out using as a first step. Also what is the current led behaviour you can see?

The first three led lights are flashing. the other ones are constant green light.
I have logged in on another 240 router and that works...
I changed DNS and now it all works! :)