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I have a twin simcard from my operator (TELIA, sweden) wthat i have in the Rut240.

If I do a connection test on my IphoneX I have aprox 80Mbit/s down 7,5Mbit/s up. But with the Rut240 i only get 7Mbit/s down and 1,5 Mbit/s up!

The tests are done at the same spot and the router is connected to 4G with full strength.

What have I done wrong?

I got the exact same experience. Around 5-7mbit/s download with RUT240 while 85mbit/a with iPhone XR. I also have Telia as operator, located in Sweden, on both SIM. I called Telia yesterday and they didn’t not find any issues on their side. For unknown reason they will send me a new SIM card to try with. I haven’t received it yet so I will have to come back with results.

I will also try with another router today, using the same SIM, to verify if the network speed is as poor as with the RUT240.

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by anonymous

Hello, I'm providing the guidlines for speed comparison between devices:

1. Make sure LTE category is the same on reference device as on RUT (IphoneX is cat12, while RUT240 is cat4)
2. Make sure LTE and WiFi antennas are firmly attached and in correct positions on the router
3. Make sure router is using latest FW version
4. Check mobile signal strength according to these recommendations:
5. Make sure both devices are connected to the same LTE band.
Go to Network → Mobile and below page Network Frequency Bands select Connection method Manual and select the same LTE band as your reference device.
6. Make sure no additional devices are connected to RUT

Please test your connection speeds:
    * Speedtest results using RUT while LAN device is connected to it via WiFi
    * Speedtest results using RUT while LAN device is connected to it via ethernet cable
    * Speedtest results using a reference device
Make sure tests are performed with a same SIM card, same APN used and both devices are connected to the same LTE band and cell tower (Same Cell ID on both devices)
Cell ID on RUT devices can be checked in Status > Network > Mobile
* In good conditions, CAT-4 can reach real world speeds of 70-90 Mbps
* For Cat-4 150 Mbps is bandwidth in absolutely ideal conditions disregarding any real world conditions, like network congestion, or even communication time between devices.
* video illustrates how speed can vary drastically based on location.

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by anonymous
I suspect the issue is on the RUT240 side and not ISP/SIM/BAND etc. Have a look here, this will save you some time:

Performed some tests on my own and unfortunately the issue appears to be fw or hw based with the RUT240. Could be a strategy to not top up the speeds and focus on stability, who knows?

@Teltonika support, please help us out here!