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My rut950 keeps dropping signal whilst in use, every 20 mins or so. I have checked apn settings and followed any previous advice given on topics of the same issue ipv4 setting sim idle etc. Any other advice please

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What is your product code ?
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Please answer the following questions in order to help me identify what is causing this strange behavior:

1. Mobile signal is lost or just decreased?
2. Mobile signal recovers automatically or the router needs to be manually rebooted?
2. When did you notice this issue? After the beginning of the purchase or after a certain period of time?
3. Are both mobile antennas connected to the RUT950's mobile antenna connectors?
4. Where RUT950 is installed? In a stationary or moving position?
5. What is the firmware version of your RUT950?
6. Have you tried to reset the device to its factory default settings?