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Good day

I need to send SMS to mobile devices via a RUT955 from a remote PC connected to the router via the local network. Now it is solved via NPort ComPort and analog modem via virtual ComPort. What is the possibility that I can now solve this via the RUT955 and if possible without NPort device in between. The program sends AT command (ATZ, ATDT, etc.)

How does it have to be configured and which program for virtual com port is recommended? On the PC is now NPort drivers for the virtual ports.

Thanks a lot

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To send SMS from your remote PC connected to the router there's no need to use NPort device. 

RUT955 supports SMPP protocol 3.4 version, you can install SMPP client v3.4 on your PC and there will be no need for serial devices. 

Another option is to connect from your PC to RUT955 via SSH and use command:

gsmctl -S -s, --sms --send "<NUMBER> <TEXT>"