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I have done tests and got very suprised. If I use same SIM in phone i get up to 90 Mbits speed but once I put it in RUT 240 max is 40Mbits speed max...

I was expecting RUT 240 will be faster than a mobile phone.. Why is that?

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by anonymous


Your maximum download speed is limited by the operator or base station load. In optimal conditions, RUT240 can reach up to 80-90 Mbps keeping in mind it is LTE Cat-4. The phone you are using most probably have LTE (Cat6) so download speed roughly doubles compared to LTE Cat-4 . 

Also make sure you mounted the antennas correctly and have the latest firmware.

I get 80mbit/s on my phone and 5mbit/s in my RUT240. Using the default conf. and latest firmware. Any clues?
by anonymous

Like I said, your maximum download speed is limited by the operator & ISP or base station load. I would suggest to check it with your ISP. If no issues on their side, make sure antennas are mounted correctly and you don't have any interference. You are welcome to send me a troubleshoot file for further investigation if issue persists.

by anonymous
Seeing similar results with my RUT240 with external 4G antenna(poynting panel). Disconnected my d-link dwr-923 from the external antenna and connected RUT240

Dload from 40ish to 16ish mbit

Upload from 30ish 20ish mbit

Tried locking bands according to Teltonika youtube video but ended up with no connection at all. Any tips on troubleshooting?
by anonymous

Here are some general tips that may help increase the mobile speed on your device.

  • Antenna orientation. Trying different antenna positions may help create better signal conditions. Open your device's WebUI while experimenting with your antennas and look to the "Mobile" widget in the "Overview" page to see if the signal strength value changes based on antenna orientation. Leave the antennas in a position which provides the highest signal strength value. For more information on mobile signal conditions, visit the Mobile Signal Strength Recommendations page.
  • Different antennas. In some cases (for example, if the device is far away from the serving cell) it may be hard to achieve good signal conditions without additional equipment. Different antennas may come in handy for this purpose. For example, higher gain and directional antennas will provide better coverage in long distance communication. Visit the Third-party Antennas page for information on third-party antenna usage with Teltonika-Networks devices.
  • Frequency bands. Teltonika-Networks devices provide a manual band-lock feature. Experimenting with different available frequency bands may help in finding the best speed conditions.
  • Location. Try moving your device around its environment in order to find better signal conditions. Try placing the device next to a window or other transparent material. If you have clear view of the serving cell itself, try placing the device next to a window facing that cell.
by anonymous
Did some adjustmens according to your advice(already using an external panel antenna vid some direction)

RSSI -71

RSRP -98 (too low?)


SINR 20.1

What can i expect from these numbers? Going to test the dwr-923 with same antenna later tonight
by anonymous
Ok, something is definitely not right here. Suspecting hw or fw issues(have latest) with the rut240 I have(or with all based on similar posts)?

Ranging between 10-15 mbit down and 15-20up with rut240. Disconnected antenns cables and moved them to my Dlink dwr-923 or Huawei B593. Results are much better with other consumer routers, which is a shame

50+ down and 20-30 up with 74 RSSI on band 7

Are there know issues with 4g speed on rut240? Or is it a strategy to keep "mediocre" speed and focus on stability with the RUT product line?
Same situation as Keda, getting less than half the speed with same outdoor antennas, same sim, same everything compared to TP-Link Archer. Somethings fishy...