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by anonymous

Hi, is there any way to download the data presented in chart view to a csv for analysis within Excel?

I currently have over 50 RUT955 routers and need to be able to analyse the router connection strength, coverage and speed against the GPS location. 

The chart view has a number of selection options for monitoring and presenting historical data but I cannot see any method to download the data that is shown.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

by anonymous
Hi, Yes I agree with you "ryakoob". On a well developed product like the Teltonika there should be an option to export data for analytics and studies. This to be able to make further decisions on investments, changes or further developments. I am reviewing the RUTX09 and RUTX11 who are installed into two different setups to see how they perform.

Data export on usage (mobile data), traffic, signal strength or even the units temperature is something that should be available. The Realtime data is a good function but it doesn't help to make a proper analytic or study for a longer period to help an organisation to make decisions on important updates, changes and developments. If there isn't enough space for data to be stored in the unit a developed tool to automatically export data every day to another unit (PC or NAS) would be very useful.

I am starting to like the Teltonika UI. Still have lots to study and learn. A few negative bits but overall good. Very positive.

Seen any developments in this area yet?

1 Answer

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by anonymous

Currently there's no such feature on RMS to export data from charts in CSV format.

I've provided suggestion to include this feature into RMS to our developers, I'll inform you once I'll get information about approximate ETA for this feature.

Many thanks for your reply, and for pushing the suggestion to the developers.

Hopefully it will get implemented, the sooner the better.

All the best.

by anonymous
Hi, This request was posted in 2020, any sign of any developments yet? Any updates, any plans please?

A function to be able to export data can improve your product and take it to another level.

Thank you