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I'm having some problems with the SMS function. I want to create a UCI rule by SMS to write a Custom Header in the Modbus Data Sender service.

In principle, I send :"mypassword uci set modbus_data_sender.@data_sender[0].custom_header=xxx" and it works well

Password included, so the command is 67 characters long. The text to write is 192 characters long. The total is therefore 259 characters, which means that the message will be split into two SMS messages.

What I observe :

1/ I receive a return from the router telling me that it has taken into account the command with only a truncated part of the text (first 35 characters / 192).

2/ I find a second SMS in the SMS Management tab (last 110 characters / 192).

3/ A part of the text is missing between the first 35 and the last 110, i.e. 47 characters.

Is there a solution to this problem ? Maybe special command to split text on my Phone and join text on RUT ?

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by anonymous

I think that currently UCI commands by SMS are limited by maximum SMS text length. But I will try to consult with our RnD department, and I will give you an update on this situation.