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Hi all,

I'm trying to upload an SSL I've obtained through RapidSSL (via no-ip through the DDNS) onto a RUT955 to hopefully allow secure access to (initially) the GUI then once proven to work a port-forwarded page from a connected device.

The certificate I received contains a X.509 (I believe this means it's a public cert) and the Intermediate CA.

Uploading these concatenated in a '.pem' format file through the Root CA Administration page doesn't work, simply resulting in an invalid certificate issues to/by Teltonika.

I found the forum post from March 2019 (post 4485) describing something similar to my requirements, however poking through the uhttpd file is a little out of my depth - managed to work out how to access through WinSCP and view the file, wasn't confident seeing that I'm unsure of the result of changing it, and without more information than a ~30 word comment I'm not too confident of the success I'd have.

Thanks in advance for any recommendations or resources to look into!

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it's just a possible feature in the future right now, so no information about when it will be done and released. We'll look into it and if anything clears up - I will let you know through here.