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I do have a RUT240 router and seems to have an issue after the reboot. DDNS is not working, this because DNS is not working at all. I configured the DNS server of google at the WAN side but even than it failed.

I logged into the RUT240 via SSH and executed the following command:

     echo nameserver > /etc/resolv.conf

After executing that command, DDNS start working and also able to ping a domain name with success.

How do I make this a permit solution? There is no /etc/network/interfaces file on the router.

Waiting at your suggestions.


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I'm unable to reproduce the issue with the latest FW.
What FW version are you using?
The FW I use is: FW ver.: RUT2XX_R_00.01.12.3

Please keep in mind, that the address I used for mail server is not asking for a username and password.
Not sure how your mail server comes to the picture.

Can you be more specific that are you trying to achieve and what you already have done