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Hi, after to upgrade the last firmware modem/router when autoreboot the modem LTE can't riconnecting to LTE network. It remain in still stopper status. I must push the button save/apply in sim card setting for reconnecting it.

RUTX_R_00.02.03.4 EG06ELAR04A03M4G

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We are unable to replicate the failure you specified with the same firmware version on RUTX11. After reboot the device mobile connect automatically.

If possible, reset your device and test it again?

Try to use another SIM card.

If issue persist download Troubleshoot file (menu System > Administration > Troubleshoot) and send it to me via PM. Just, make sure that troubleshoot file is generated when the issue is present and before a reboot (So it can be seen in the logs).


Simply restarting does not cause the problem. Even if you reboot from System-> Administrator-> Reboot the modem reconnects. It happens "only" after the scheduled restart.I send you the file in PM.

I repeated tests using “Periodic reboot” service on RUTX11. However, this time too, the failure could not be repeated.
If possible, reset your device and perform tests then.

Please send me the troubleshoot file immediately after the scheduled reboot when the issue persists.