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I notice there is a Serial port on my RUTX09 listening with console, are there headers on the board I can connect to in case I need console access?

What is the pin out and connector I should use, I'd ideally put a serial RS232 connector on the side of the machine hooked up to the headers.

root@Teltonika-RUTX09:~# cat /etc/inittab 

# Copyright (c) 2013 The Linux Foundation. All rights reserved.

::sysinit:/etc/init.d/rcS S boot

::shutdown:/etc/init.d/rcS K shutdown


root@Teltonika-RUTX09:~# dmesg | grep ttyMSM0

[    0.048192] 78af000.serial: ttyMSM0 at MMIO 0x78af000 (irq = 26, base_baud = 115200) is a MSM

[    0.570886] console [ttyMSM0] enabled


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There's additional UART port which could be utilized on the router, but in order to reach it you would need to remove router's casing.
In the images bellow you can see UART port's pins.


Using Tx, Rx, GND pins will allow to access router via UART port.
You can use Terminal software to debug router via UART port.

Although you will also need additional UART to USB connector to connect to the router from computer using UART.