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by anonymous

I have updated several rut240 from 1.10 to the latest 1.12.3 firmware, the update was succesful according RMS and the devices are back online however i cannot send any information or request information from the devices anymore.

even a reboot by RMS gives the errormessage Timeout. [Code: 65545]

also CLI and webui are not responding.

at one device i send a sms reboot command which reboot the router but the same issue is still there, i cannot acces webui or cli. What is happening and how we can prevent this?
The connected end devices are having internet, so it seems only the routers OS has trouble connecting..

2 Answers

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by anonymous
Seems to be solved after a couple of hours.
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by anonymous

Could you PM me your RMS company name and the serial number of the RUT240 that has issues ?