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I would like to use the RUT955 with onboard RS485 to remotely communicate with some devices, when trouble shooting or remote programming,

I will connect to the modem with OpenVPN

I have in the past used a EWON cosy 131 that has USB over ip, and using an FTDI usb rs485 adapter to achieve this

The programs i use for programming these devices need a local com port assigned on the PC

Is there any function i can use for this in the RUT955? Or is a Software for the PC

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RUT955 has USB to serial functionality, which allows forward serial data over IP. For this you have to download USB tools package from System -> Package manager -> Package -> USB tools.

Talking about virtual COM port software. We do not have it and our client uses it from third parties like HW-group (https://www.hw-group.com/software/hw-vsp3-virtual-serial-port) or similar.

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For a virtual port, I would recommend using https://www.serial-over-ethernet.com/, as during system reboot, you will not lose communication with the com port. And you can also remotely access your device.