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Hi, i´ve 10 RUT 950 in several buses giving service to travelers.I´ve enabled hotspot utility with a limited profile of 50 MB / session. It works OK but once a session is finished the same user can open another session and have access to another 50 MB bundle. Is it possible to set an additional filter (for example a MAC filter) to avoid the same user open several sessions?

Thank you

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RUT950's hotspot has few different "Authentication modes", one of them being "MAC auth" (which means, that separate session are being differentiated by end device's [e.g smart phone's] MAC address). When "MAC auth" Hotspot authentication is used, your configured "Session Settings" parameters are being applied only to each connected device. If particular device already used configured data limit, reconnecting the device would have no effect - it would still not be able to browse the internet.