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We want to manuel switch between Sim 1 and Sim 2.
But after a Reboot we want to set Sim 1 as primary Sim.

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Switching SIMs doesn't change which one is the primary. You just need to choose SIM1 as primary in your condition. 


The Rules for switching between the Sim Cards doesn't fitt for us. Because sometimes we have bad signal, but the Mobil Data Connect is still better then switching to the other provider where we have better signal but the Mobil Data Connection is bad.
(We are working every day at a differnt place)

So we allways switch the primary role manually from Sim 1 to Sim 2, if we think the connection could be better with the second provider.
If the Connection on the second Sim ist better, we won't change it back. But the contract on the second Sim is more expensive as the one on the first Sim. So we want to switch back to Sim 1, everytime the Device restarts.
Unfortunately there's no option like that, you need to do that manually in your case. Some coding would be required for such feature