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We are using the RUT950 as SMS gateway for a few years. We had issues that some multi-line sms messages did not deliver correctly.
Recently we updated to version RUT9XX_R_00.06.06.1.
Now we have the issue that the RUT950 reboots when an HTTP request is made to send an SMS.

Anyone the same issue ?


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Could you please tell me what kind of command you use to make an HTTP request? Do you get any errors or anything that might indicate something where the system hangs?


In our scripts we use a curl statement, but even when sending it in the browser using:

It sends the SMS (i receive it) but does not return an ok back to the browser and immediately reboots. 
Booting seems to take ages.
Yesterday i did a new firmware load and reconfig. It did work for about 20 sms messsages and this problem does reoccur.


Could you send me the troubleshoot file?
I sent it using PM. Please note that time/date is off schema 2 days. WIll correct the NTP.
The problem occurs too when i do a 'gsmctl -nSs "0123456789 TEST" in the SSH CLI (so no webcall).