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by anonymous
I have RUT240. Using CLI through Web UI and SSL (https) will not work on Firefox and Chrome with the default SSL certificate. Both browsers will halt the execution of CLI due to untrusted SSL. Is there any trick to get a secure connection to CLI (through Web UI SSL)? Using non-SSL (http) connection will open CLI fine. Anyway, this is a security issue to be unable to secure your connections when administrating the router in proper way.

3 Answers

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You can look up over administration settings and access control, you can redirect every connection to https
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by anonymous

Just to keep you in the loop, I am still analyzing this issue.

It seems that shellinabox (Service responsible for CLI via WebUI) runs with an option to not allow adding the exception for self-signed certificates. I'm looking into it further.

However, is there a reason you are not using SSH connection for command line?
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by anonymous
I have not tried SSH, since I have not had situations where have had the need to take security seriously. This issue is only something I wanted to inform you. So, you are able to make a better product in the future.
by anonymous
Thank you for your input, I will try to see to it that this issue is fixed in future firmware releases