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by anonymous
I have connected NMEA to the RS485 port, but am unable to transmit it via UDP to my LAN. If I connect it to a Raspberry via an RS485 USB converter it works.

The cables are connected to R_N and R_P

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by anonymous


As I understand your connected device only sends data and does not require to receive commands. Yes?

In overIP client mode router must know server address to which it has to connect and forward data. You have left this field empty. If you want to connect to router and collect data use overIP server mode.

To check if data is flowing to router RS485 port, connect to router terminal via SSH or CLI and enter command cat /dev/rs485. If everything works as expected, you should see data lines.

by anonymous

Thanks, I can see the data lines in CLI.

When I run TCP in server mode instead of UDP, I can access AIS data on my boat's LAN. Is it not possible to run UDP broadcast?

This configuration works when I point the client to 

by anonymous
This overIP functionality does not support broadcasting. And in any way (TCP or UDP) your LAN devices must connect to router to receive NMEA data.
by anonymous
The disadvantage of TCP is that all users must enter (and know) the router's address. Thanks anyway.
by anonymous
Hi, can we receive and send command in UDP through serial RS232 / RS485 ?